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Padraic P. Keohane


Book 3 Wild Child Series

Jun-Jaan (2023)

The family is falling apart. June’s mother has left, and her father is never home. June and her brother, Ken, are spending more time on their own.

But now the realms are under attack by a strange creature. It is removing the hidden lands from their time stream and killing their people. It is up to June and Ken to stop it.

And there are others desirous to lay claim to the devastated lands. Not all the fairy folk are kind.

Join the adventures of June and Ken in the next book of the popular Wild Child series.

Young Adult and Pre-teen

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Book 2 Wild Child Series

Arise, Red Hawk (2021)

June and Ken are back to their regular lives. They lost their powers and the trauma they experienced in the ancient forest still haunts them. Their therapist can only do so much, and their mother wants to bring them back to her home to help them heal. And in healing, June not only reclaims her powers, but becomes the dangerous Red Hawk.

Follow the further adventures of June and her brother, Ken, in the sequel to the popular “Half-Animal, Wild Child.”

Young Adult and Pre-teen

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Book 1 Wild Child Series

Half-Animal, Wild Child (2019)

June's grandmother sent her a beautiful, blue feathered mask for her birthday. The enclosed card called her a half-human, half-animal wild child. June's father does not seem to care for her, so her real father must belong to her animal half. Determined to find her animal father, she wears the mask proudly, but she does not realize there is magic and danger awaiting this wild child on her journey.

The first exciting chapter in the Wild Child series.

Young Adult and Pre-teen

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 OM I love that story and your telling of it.  I couldn't stop smiling.

Padraic - you are a wickedly clever teller! A murderous Christmas story- bravo!

Not a story I expected. Plenty of surprises!

Padraic - that was a hoot. Loved the expressions of the wife. Priceless!

Really wonderful and funny story


Great Humor, Padraic!

Awarded for telling the French folktale, The Men Who Wouldn't Stay Dead,

during the Tell Folktale Fight 2021.

There's an ancient, time-honored tradition in human history of passing along knowledge through storytelling. In the past, these stories have featured heroes or gods or regular people involved in day-to-day life. The stories are usually short, easy to tell, and entertaining to the listener, but can be used to impart important lessons, oftentimes through subtle messages.

Alas, this tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent times or, at the very least, relegated to children's stories. This is an unfortunate situation.

Fortunately, Padraic Keohane has come along and rekindled interest in telling these simple stories that have important messages and he does it with flair and an impressive grasp of how to use English playfully. These are great stories, and not just for kids, but adults can find a mirror to hold up to themselves, too.

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