An introduction to storytelling performance at the Westminster Palms Retirement Community on January 5, 2022. (51:34)

Padraic P. Keohane tries to tell "Butterball," a Norwegian tale, but digresses at the Better Said Than Done's Fairy Tales virtual performance, August 12, 2021.


Padraic Keohane tells The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs during the Liars, Thieves, and Chocolate Virtual Storytelling event June 2021.


Padraic Keohane tells a French folktale, The Men Who Wouldn't Stay Dead, during the Tell Folktale Fight 2021. Voted Audience Favorite.


Padraic Keohane tells an Irish folktale, Far Darig in Donegal, during Tellabration 2020.


Billy is a good boy, but not a good speller. He wants a bike for Christmas, so naturally he writes to Satan. Will the devil and his crew get into the Christmas spirit? A reading by Padraic P. Keohane of his illustrated storybook for the older kids and adults. (2019)


Liars, Thieves, and Chocolate Virtual Storytelling Event June 27, 2020 Premiering my original tale about my struggles with a gopher. When we both vie, who will see the dawn? For those of you who love little creatures, you might want to sit this one out...


"The Peddler," an original wisdom tale written and told by Padraic Keohane. Part of the "On the Road to Parrot Eyes" performance at the Found Theater in Long Beach, CA. (October 2011)


Storytelling performance at Cornucopia. Padraic tells about his first date in high school, where meeting her father is not the strangest part of the night. (June 2008)


See Padraic's performance of "Bessie's Bagels" at
Debut – A Fusion of Play and Storytelling October 31, 2021