Book 1 Wild Child Series

Half-Animal, Wild Child (2019)

June's grandmother sent her a beautiful, blue feathered mask for her birthday. The enclosed card called her a half-human, half-animal wild child. June's father does not seem to care for her, so her real father must belong to her animal half. Determined to find her animal father, she wears the mask proudly, but she does not realize there is magic and danger awaiting this wild child on her journey.

The first exciting book in the Wild Child series.

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Illustrated Storybook

A Hell of a Christmas: Dear Satan

Billy is a good boy, but not a good speller. He wants a bike for Christmas, so naturally he writes to Satan. Will the devil and his crew get into the Christmas spirit? An illustrated storybook for the older kids and adults.

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Short Story Collection

Stories of Sagacity and Wit

Somewhere, far away, and perhaps right around the corner, is a peddler who deals in emotions...people who have lost their wings...and various souls who follow what they hope are the right paths for them. Padraic Keohane creates tales with a wry look at the human journey. He shines a light on our foibles, not to judge or condemn, but so that we may feel comfortable looking at ourselves. Possessing one of the most off-beat minds in storytelling, he will lead you through a humorous labyrinth of tales that will leave you wondering just what happened to you when you reach the other side.

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New Release!

Arise, Red Hawk (2021)

June and Ken are back to their regular lives. They lost their powers and the trauma they experienced in the ancient forest still haunts them. Their therapist can only do so much, and their mother wants to bring them back to her home to help them heal. And in healing, June not only reclaims her powers, but becomes the dangerous Red Hawk.

Follow the further adventures of June and her brother, Ken, in the sequel to the popular “Half-Animal, Wild Child.”

The second book in the Wild Child series.

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For Kids

The Jellybeans

Join the Jellybeans (Red, Blue, and Greenie) as they teach children about rhyming and the alphabet in their own unique way. Featuring ABC Jellybeans and The Rhymer Primer.

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For Kids

Things I Like (TIL)

By Kent Keohane - As a young boy, there are many things that I like, and I wish to share them with you. An illustrated book that children will find relatable and easy to read.

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